tree service temple belton killeen texas tree service
tree service temple belton killeen texas tree service

Hook & Ladder Tree Service

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About Us/tree removal

With over ten years experience climbing, pruning, and removing trees, Hook & Ladder is your go to source for all things tree related, whether it be a simple pruning, a removal, or removal of storm debris, we're here to assist you and give you the lowest price possible.  All chain saws are disinfected with a 10% chlorine bleach solution to prevent the spread of disease. We use ladders, ropes, and in the case of complete removals spurs may be used spurs will never be used on anything other than removals, rest assured all climbing gear is rated to a minimum of 23kN (approx 5000lbs break strength) and all climbers are tied to the tree with a safety lanyard with a break strength of 7500lbs so give us a call and remember,  estimates are always FREE!